Belgrade Beer Fest: Best Ways to Get There

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One of the biggest and most popular music festivals in Serbia, Belgrade Beer Fest 2018 is coming up, so it’s time to start planning your trip. Besides numerous Serbian rock legends like Partibrejkersi, Riblja Corba, Nele Karajlic, KKN and many others, you’ll also get a chance to hear two world-famous performers – the majestic Roisin Murphy, from the band Moloko, and the Stranglers, known for their nostalgic swaying tunes in “Golden Brown.” So, what would be the best way to get there? It depends mainly from your needs.

Limos – Get There in Style

vip limo service belgrade serbia

Just because you’re going to a rock festival doesn’t mean that you can’t arrive there in style. Luxury Cars Serbia offers you the option of ordering a limo to pick you up at the airport and drive you directly to the venue. In case that’s not high-class enough for you, keep in mind that the chauffeur will also wait for you at the airport holding a sign with your name. You will be like one of those celebrities you see on the TV everyday. Just imagine yourself in a luxurious, roomy limo with tinted glass and air conditioning. Is there anything better?

Oldtimers – Old School Arrival

old timers rental belgrade serbia

So, you’re an old school rocker that wants the youth to know you’ve got a lot of rocking experience? Then why not rent an oldtimer, and visit Belgrade Beer Fest like a true legend that you are? Luxury Cars Serbia has a collection of stunning vintage cars like Ford T from 1924, colloquially called Tin Lizzie (similarly to the famous hard rock band from Dublin). You could also order a Citroen C4 from 1928 that will give you that jazz-era feel. Of course, you could always get into the ’70s mood and use the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, known for its style and elegance.

Minivans – A Nostalgic Road to Belgrade Beer Fest

Ford Tourneo Minivan Rental Belgrade Serbia

Remember back in the ’70s when those rock-loving open-minded people (some might call them hippies) would gather in a minivan and go to Woodstock? Well, now, thanks to Luxury Cars Serbia, you can bring those days back. Meet up with your closest hard-rocking friends and travel together to one of the biggest music festivals this summer. You can bring a guitar and have a sing-along in the vehicle, playing legendary songs like “If You’re Going to San Francisco,” or “California Dreamin’.” Either way, it’s a guaranteed good fun.

Minibuses – Bring the Whole Gang

minibus rental serbia belgrade

However, what happens if you have more than a couple of friends? What if you want to bring your whole team to Belgrade Beer Fest, or even your extended family? It’s nothing to worry about. Luxury Cars Serbia can provide you with a roomy minibus. There is enough room to get all of your loved ones in there to chat, drink, or even play some cards. This is certainly the best way to travel if you’ve got a lot of friends.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you remember to have a good time and not worry about transportation because Luxury Cars Serbia has got you covered.

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