Limo Service Serbia Mercedes S class 2016

Superb Luxury Limo Service in Serbia

Luxury Cars Serbia offers a Superb Limo Service in Belgrade, Serbia.  We are a very professional team that has been chosen by many businessmen, VIP persons, corporate CEO's and more. We also provide premier Limo service to the airport Belgrade, wedding, casino, sport event or everywhere else you might need to go.

Mercedes S class 2016 - Luxury on first place

If you are looking for a Luxury Limo Service in Serbia to impress business clients or your guests, look no further than the Mercedes S Class. Luxury Cars Serbia is providing you a comfortable and reliable transportation method, simple booking process, competitive prices and exceptional customer service. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of service on the market.

Mercedes S Class Limo Service is a top choice for businessmen, CEO's and travelers who need a high-performance, well-engineered car for their transportation to Serbia, Balcan or Europe. The Mercedes S Class offers more in terms of passenger space and luggage capacity than intermediate and compact cars. It is able to seat up to 5 adults comfortably, even on long drives with few rest stops. With lots of headroom and legroom, the Mercedes S Class is sure to find admirers among tall passengers.

Limo Service Mercedes S class 2016

More Space - More Comfort

In terms of luggage carrying capability, the Mercedes S Class competes with the top of its class. The 510-liter trunk area can fit up to 5 large suitcases, making the Limo Service Mercedes S Class a great choice for long journey or a small business groups with lots of luggage. If more space is needed, the rear seats fold down at a 60/40 split, which allows travelers to store long items without losing the use of the whole back seat.

Mercedes S class 2016 - Travel in style

Impress and Enjoy

Mercedes S class 2016 is a car to impress. If you need a truly spacious car in which to travel in style, but also want to be discreet, this is a perfect car for you. The Limo Service Serbia Mercedes S Class has been purchased in its thousands by VIPs ins Serbia, Balcan and all over the world, cementing its reputation as the car for the powerful and discerning. Call us today to find out more.

Limo Service Serbia Mercedes S class (2016) Gallery

All our Mercedes S class 2016 are always in excellent condition and we have 20 of this limo's ready for your immediate travel.

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