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Luxury Cars Serbia is Serbia´s leading provider of wine & food travel.  Our wine tours of Serbia offer a wide range of different experiences that let you discover an authentic Serbia. Whether you are looking for guided or self-guided wine tours to Serbia´s wine regions, a private tour, a road trip  or vacations with cultural content, we will have something special for you. You can get inspired with our trips and vacation ideas. Contact us for more information or to talk to one of our destination experts.

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Our wine lords (guides) have collectively more than 50 years of experience in the tourism industry – knowing exactly what travelers really want. We visit premium wine estates, but also do things that no ordinary tours do, that only Serbia get to enjoy.

  • Pair a variety of locally produced, world-class cheeses.
  • Cellar and vineyard tour, teaching us how wine is made, how to taste wine, food and wine pairing, what bottle to order at restaurants…
  • A hearty lunch is served in the the middle of the wine lands.
  • A diverse range of wine styles: whites, sparkling, reds, dessert wines.
  • Local treats of cured meats paired with selected wines.

Serbia Wine Tour presents an innovative tour service! Using your mobile phone or tablet device you can navigate to all the spots of Serbia that can be included in a tour made by you, according to your particular interests! Get ready for a complete and unique experience with a tour customized by you and dedicated to you!

Call us, and we can provide best short winery trip in Serbia! There is countless wineries around Belgrade, only 45 min. from airport Belgrade. Best wines, lucnh and dinner meals, great view on Serbia surandings, all that with Luxury Cars Serbia!

Winery Radovanovic

Miodrag Radovanović has inprinted thirty years of experience as an oenologist and the knowledge base gained at the Univeristy of Belgrade into all our wines, making them distinctive and authentic. As one of the best and most experienced Serbian viticulturists, he knew how to combine the abundance of nature and serious and systematic work, first in the vineyard, and then in the cellar as well.

Jelic Cellar

Wine story of the Jelić family began in 2002 in the vicinity of Valjevo, in west Serbia. Intrigued by medieval documents which glorified excellent wines from this region, Milijan Jelić ventured into restoration of the former glory of Valjevo region where every household once took great pride in its vineyards which were subsequently replaced by “Her Majesty Plum” and the famous Valjevo plum-brandy.

Winery Kovacevic

A family tradition of wine production, over 100 years old, was taken over by Miroslav Kovačević a decade ago, creating a new, modern winery, with the idea of introducing the wine and wine industry experiences of his father and his grandfathers with the help of state-of-the-art wine technology in the 21st century.

Winery Aleksandrovic

The Aleksandrovic family cultivates vines and makes wines for more than a century. From the very beginning they cooperated closely with the royal viticulturists and cellar masters and were also among founders of the Vencac Winemaking Cooperative. Our great grandfather Milos Aleksandrovic was one of the founders of Vencac Winegrowers Cooperative in 1903 and until the beginning of World War Two the family had 30,000 vines. 

Cellar Zvonko Bogdan

Zvonko Bogdan Winery started its way in 2008 when it headed for a clear aim to produce top-quality wines that bear the stamp of the region from which they come, by combining the specificity and tradition of Palic vineyards with the latest French technologyAnchored in the sea of ​​its vineyards on the eastern shore of Lake Palic, in the north of Serbia, Winery was built in the Art Nouveau style.

Malca Winery

If you are a wine lovers, you will be able to experience a trip through the wine time over 110 years old in the old wine cellar. In exploring 4 completely different ways of wine cultivation, you will experience 4 different wine epochs and enjoy the wines characteristic of those times. Within the basement there is a restaurant "Inn on the wine road" with an unbelievable offer of food from different time epochs.

Temet winery

Guided by a trail of fertile land, it became clear that the roots should take place in Lozovik close to Jagodina, an undulating area where Šumadija overlooks the Pomoravlje region. Located on the beautiful slopes which provide ideal exposure to the sun, Temet winery was shaped by the strong influence of the environment, while striving to find harmony in work and life under the same roof. 

Winery Jeremic

Jeremić Winery is located in Smederevo - JUGOVO, 40 km from Belgrade. It was registered in 2010 as a department of the company “EKO mineral doo “owned by Jeremić family from Smederevo. Once it was home wine-making but it became a modern winery, which applies traditional methods in the most modern equipment using new professional knowledge.

Cellar Panajotovic

The wine cellar Panajotović is a family winery founded in 2003. The winery was founded by Dr. Viktor Panajotović out of love for quality wines, as well as for long-term continuation of a family tradition. Our roots in wine production are dating back to 1927 when one of our ancestors, grandfather Thomas, founded the first family wine cellar near Krusevac, which had reached a leading position in the quality and quantity of wine.

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