Shuttle Service from Belgrade Airport to City Center

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If you still haven’t had the chance to visit Serbia’s capital, now is the right time. Belgrade is famous for its wild nightlife and numerous historical monuments that show off the country’s rich culture. It is a mandatory stop on your tour through Southeast Europe. However, before you get a chance to explore this city, you need to reach the center. The airport “Nikola Tesla” is quite far away and you can’t just go on foot. What kind of transportation can you get? Your best option is the shuttle service from Belgrade airport to city center. It is an inexpensive, reliable and comfortable way to get to the center quickly and without much of a hassle.

shuttle service from airport to city center

Nikola Tesla Airport

The Nikola Tesla airport is located about 11 miles West of Belgrade, near a municipality called Surcin. This modern airport is named after one of Serbia’s most important scientists that has achieved worldwide fame. The main problem is that it’s quite far away from the city center so you need to consider your options even before you get there.

Getting a cab

Obviously the first idea that comes to mind is getting a taxi ride to the center. You’ve probably seen those American movies where one of the characters immediately gets into a cab from the airport and drives off into the sunset. That doesn’t happen in reality – especially in Serbia. Not only is it difficult to get a cab here but they also cost quite a lot. Besides that, you never know who’s actually driving you. It’s dangerous and uncomfortable.

Using Public Transportation

There are a few bus lines that drive to and from the airport that you can take but we wouldn’t recommend them. Most of the time they’re crowded, which automatically means there’s no space to breathe or move. It’s much worse when you have to drag your luggage around as well. You even become an easy prey for pickpockets who are always lurking around. Needless to say, these crowded buses are quite uncomfortable.

Shuttle service from Belgrade airport to city center

How can a shuttle service help you out with this, then? Imagine arriving at the airport all tired and worn down from the trip. You can’t even think about hailing a taxi or pushing in a public bus. Then, all of a sudden, you see a smiling professional driver waiting for you right at the airport and leading you to your very own elegant limousine. All you need to do is fall into a comfortable backseat and enjoy the ride. You will be in city center in no time.

Luxury Cars Serbia

If you’re looking for a reliable limo service company with a wide selection of elegant vehicles at your disposal – Luxury Cars Serbia is the best agency you can find. Hire a luxurious Mercedes, reliable Peugeot, or elegant Skoda to pick you up at the airport and get to the center in style.

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