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When people need transportation, their first choice is always rent a car but it comes with additional costs. If you’re not too confident in your driving skills, you might come across various problems on the road. You need to adjust your driving habits and constantly be on the lookout for potential damage to the car that might be charged extra. Take a look at just some of the problems rent a car drivers can come across.

Checking the Driving Surface

Most of the time, car rental agencies will have strict policies on how and where you can drive your vehicle. They want you to keep your car on the road at all times, so you wouldn’t cause any accidental damage.  However, even if you drive on a proper road surface, you might stumble upon some random holes now and again or encounter unforeseeable circumstances. In those cases, you have to make sound judgement calls and maneuver the car to the best of your abilities. Sometimes the safest road isn’t all that obvious. You constantly have to think about the best routes, which can be quite tiresome.

Careful Around Driveways

Driveways are among the main causes of all vehicle damages in the city. They are usually slightly elevated and can collide with your car easily if you’re not careful enough. Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge the height of the driveway in relation to your car. Because of that, you might scratch or heavily damage parts of your vehicle. This is much more of a problem if you don’t even know your car – for example when you drive a rental. A pleasant night at a friend’s house might become a disaster after an accidental bump with your rent a car leaves you with some unnecessary bills later on. That is why you have to be much more careful when entering and exiting driveways.

Parking Near Objects

Besides roads and driveways, you should also be careful with nearby objects when parking. A lot of parking slots have small concrete barriers that can also damage your car if you’re not careful. Don’t park too close to these barriers to avoid any potential damage. Besides that, make sure you have enough space to get out of the car without bumping into other vehicles with your doors. We know that good parking space is sometimes scarce to find, but when you drive a rent a car, you have to be a bit more careful. Don’t squeeze into tight spots unless you’re sure you have enough room. Also, try to find a somewhat secluded place so that no one would accidentally scratch the vehicle.

Other Vehicles

Of course, when it comes to traffic, other vehicles play a huge part. While you can’t control their actions, you can always be on the lookout for angry, savage drivers and avoid them. Some people have no respect for traffic safety and, therefore, might be reckless behind the wheel. It is easy to spot these drivers if you concentrate solely on the driving. Be tolerant on the road, let angry drivers pass and stay out of any potential problems. You have to keep your distance at all times and, basically, be at the mercy of other drivers.

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